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Domain Name Registration Certificate Policy

Last Revised: 12/10/2022

The Domain Name Registration Certificate is not a Wild West Domains service and It does not fall under any of its policies, wild west domains do not bear any responsibility for it.

The Domain Name Registration Certificate is a separate service managed and developed by name (trade mark) and team.

  • You must be the Domain Name Registrant (Owner).
  • The required fields to be entered in the request must be correct and match the information registered with us otherwise the request will be ignored.
  • The Certificate will apply to a valid Domain Name in a account only.
  • The Certificate is in English language only.
  • You can request a certificate for a specific domain name once every 7 days (168 hours).
  • The Certificate will be sent within 24 hours to the registered email in the account only.
  • The Certificate information depends on the then date and time of issuing the certificate.
  • The Certificate information resource is ICANN WHOIS database and to be reviewed by us (
  • The Certificate content are considered to be true and valid for the date and time of issuing it.
  • The ownership of the domain name in the certificate may change upon selling the domain name or moving it to another account or upon the current owner request to change it.
  • We ( do not bear any responsibility if the certificate content changed after the issue date and time due to any reason like selling the domain or changing the account or editing the registrant contact information.


  • First time requesting a registration certificate for a specific domain name is Free.
  • Domain Name Registration Certificate fee is 1 US$ (does not include taxes) for each time you request a certificate.
  • if you do not complete the invoice payment which you received in the domain registered email within 24 hours, the request will drop.

Domains Not Included in our Certificates:

  • International (country code) domains are not included in our certificates, unless there is an exception.
  • Domains in our DNS Hosting in your account but they are registered elsewhere and not listed officially in your account.

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Policy Modifications
We may revise this policy at any time without notice. By using domain name registration certificate you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of this policy.